About Us

Pezeshkyar ParsPezeshkyar Pars Biomedical Co. was founded in 2003 by Kaiser Niknam as a clinical/biomedical engineering support to hospitals and healthcare centers. Early projects included custom work for local medical centers. Recognized for its precision capabilities, Pezeshkyar Pars Biomedical Co. was first approached in the early 2005’s to provide and support custom services in biomedical engineering in Semnan, Iran. Continuing opportunities successfully led to a change in company focus to developing Health and Medical Information Systems under the new Pezeshkyar Pars Biomedical Corporate umbrella. Pezeshkyar Pars Biomedical Co. continues to grow through increased market penetration, product expansion, and acquisition. We attribute much of this success to our commitment to fostering a symbiotic relationship with our customers. Some of our most successful developments have evolved from the practical and functional feedback from the same people we have reached out to help. Nowadays we are focusing on:

Comprehensive Medical Equipment Management ProgramComprehensive Medical Equipment Management Program

Our comprehensive program provides total control of your medical equipment. We will track all of the medical equipment in the client’s facility regardless of ownership. This serves as a valuable tool in determining overall equipment performance and when replacements should be made. As a result, there are considerable qualitative and economic benefits passed along to yours in the form of aggressive pricing and program enhancements.

Medical Information Services

Medical Information ServicesNowadays, medical informatics has become an essential element of the medical industry and as a result, IT specialists are inseparable part of the health care systems. Pezeshkyar Pars Biomedical Co. that is compromised of a core team of biomedical engineers, software developers, systems engineers and informatics specialists, has the power to provide all Hospital Information Systems (HIS) programs and services requirements within a fixed budget, adapting to the specific needs of our clients. Don’t forget whether or wherever you’re working on IT Strategies or installing a new healthcare information system, we are ready to help you get the most out of your investment.

Re-imbursement Program

Clinical/Biomedical Engineering ConsultationIn today’s myriad of mergers, alignments, and downright ruthless marketing, a healthcare executive should be well informed of all options. Pezeshkyar Pars Biomedical Co. pledges to work solely as your advocate, researching, negotiating, staffing and whatever you desire. We will build a customized program, and since we have no vested interest in any medical manufacturer, we offer our clients an objective view of the marketplace or true multi vendor service. Pezeshkyar Pars Biomedical Co. offers an alternative to costly equipment service contracts. This service consolidates all your equipment maintenance services under one program which will eliminate duplicate coverage and assist you in the overall management of your equipment management program.

Clinical/Biomedical Engineering Consultation

Re-imbursement ProgramPezeshkyar Pars Biomedical Co. offers a wide range of services to deal with the specific needs of our clients. They include Technology Assessment and Advising, Pre-Purchase Evaluations, Cost-Effective Equipment Manager, Vendor Service Contract Analysis, Asset Management, Quality Control, Design and Construction of Healthcare Instruments and Devices, Medical/Biomedical Researches and Training, and finally, Workshop and Seminar Arrangement. Our experience ranges from full turnkey programs for multi hospital systems to smaller multi facility surgery centers.

Complementary Clinical/Biomedical Engineering Services

Complementary Clinical/Biomedical Engineering ServicesPezeshkyar Pars Biomedical Co. offers a one stop shop approach to equipment maintenance problems, regardless of ownership, manufacturer or supporter. Since we manage the entire equipment control program, you will be free to focus on your patients and organization. Pezeshkyar Pars Biomedical Co. provides a complementary service for all patient care equipment. We can provide these services on-demand or via a contractual basis.